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Yorkshire Dales Monopoly Board Game

Yorkshire Dales Monopoly Board Game

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We all remember playing monopoly in our youth. We all remember the stations, Old Kent Road, the Jail, Mayfair, ‘collect £200’, putting up our first red house, and fighting over who would have ‘the dog’ as their avatar on the board. They were times spent together as a family, away from the television, computers, and phones.


For those of you who miss those times the good news is that the Yorkshire Dales have launched their own version. This is your chance to own Dent Station, or even Sedbergh School, both of which are places on the board.

Perfect if you would like to gift someone an unusual Birthday of Christmas present, or have a trip down memory lane while playing monopoly.


All funds go to supporting a Roger Lupton Scholarship so you will be helping a young child gain a life changing opportunity through an education at Sedbergh.


For international postage please contact foundation@sedberghschool for a quote.


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