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A History of Sedbergh School 1525–2025: 'Tis the hills that have stood around us

A History of Sedbergh School 1525–2025: 'Tis the hills that have stood around us

‘A History of Sedbergh School 1525 – 2025: Tis the Hills that have stood around us’ is the definitive book charting the history of Sedbergh School, published to mark the 500th anniversary. Sedbergh School was founded by Roger Lupton to provide an academic education and a moral grounding to young people in the parish of Sedbergh. 500 years later the school is world famous and internationally recognised for providing excellence in the classroom, boarding houses, on sports pitches and in the extensive range of extra-curricular activities on offer to our pupils. This book charts the history of Sedbergh School from a one room chantry school to a global brand. The author, Michael Raw, was keen that this book be an accurate account of Sedbergh’s history, not a sanitised version of events. As such, it faithfully records the varying fortunes of the school from its early years during the challenges of the reformation through to the achievements and drama of the later centuries. The rapid Victorian expansion of the school, arrival of the first female teacher, the departure from single sex education, and the loss of not one but two generations in World Wars are recorded in the author’s words, through exerts from contemporary school documents, and in memoirs and letters of characters who lived through these events.


The book will be available from September 2024 and will cost £50 including £10 packing and postage. However, it is available on pre-sale at a cost of £40 including packing and postage.

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